With Pastoral Netcare, you’ll get:

COMPLETE profiling of your members

So you know the condition of your flock

TOTAL Communication across your team

To ensure people are
well followed up

FREE setup and ongoing support

2 hour video face-to-face setup of services and ongoing support

Here's How it Works:

Sign up for a free trial

30 days, obligation free

Manage your pastoral care activities

Be totally efficient & personal

Love & serve your people

Practically and wholeheartedly
An introduction video from the
Rev. Dr Inoke Veamatahau
This is more than just software for managing church maintenance or a members database.
Logistics don’t grow a church, genuine love does. But love without structure and proper follow-up is only superficial.
Pastoral NetCare enables you to combine your heart for God’s people with a systematic follow through process, so your members are uniquely looked after,while having a personalised church experience..

Service Options

Join as a PNC Provider/Church/Christian Faith Based Organisation

Join as a PNC Online Provider

FREE to Join

Join as a PNC Provider and Make a

Difference by becoming a part of

our global ministry


  • 30 Day free trial
  • Free setup of PNC pastoral care coaching program for a quick start
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Join as a Church

$35 per Month

     Join PNC as a Church and transform the way you care for your people.( Inc: 100 active members, $0.25 for additional members )


  • 30 Day free trial
  • 1-on-1 free setup
  • Inc: 100 active members, $0.25/ additional members
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Join as an Organisation


Join PNC as an Organisation and build a

network of care through which you  can start

loving your people


  • 30 Day free trial
  • 1-on-1 free setup
  • 1  PNC 6 months getting started program
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NOTE: There may be charges for selected features, e.g.SMS, billing and credit card facility

Please contact us for any other requirements and we can design a package according to your needs
Missional success requires practical solutions!

No doubt you have a heart for the Lord and His people, you have great mission & vision, preaching the word with authority, however..

Church members often leave the church feeling uncared for, simply because there isn’t a process in place to personally love them in a deep way. Pastors who allow that to happen are doing disservice to their flock.

Use modern communication systems to fulfill your godly calling