No better way to compare and understand PNC but to first of all study these broad and diverse pastoral care scenarios

Scenario 1: Getting Prayer Immediately Without Delay

Jenny just arrived at the hospital, her 15 years old Emma is in a serious condition following an accident at school.  Emma is about to have an operation and Jenny is sitting outside in the waiting area, worrying about the risk and the likely outcome.  With her husband being away on a work trip, she knows that prayer is her only hope and comfort at this time since no one is around to comfort her

How PNC can assist ?

From the palm of her hand, using her mobile app, Jenny sends a prayer request and the moment she presses “send”, 32 people in the prayer chain received the request without delay, and they started praying.  Within 2 minutes, her pastor Shirley was on the phone to Jenny, 5 encouraging texts came through and Jenny felt so supported and comforted, knowing that people are praying for Emma’s operation.

Further Notes

Urgent Enquiry

Prayer chain usually channeled through a chain of contacts before it reaches the last person, and sometimes, by the time the message got to the last person, it is too late or the message not received because of one broken communication.
You can have several enquiry directly linked to an assigned person or a team for immediate action without delay.

Scenario 2: The simplicity of coordinating practical assistance

Tom is going to the hospital for an operation.  He needs someone to take him to the hospital.  He is expected to be in the hospital for 7 days.  His elderly wife Lucy is at home on her own. She is dependent on Tom for cooking, cleaning and other home duties.

Tom is going to the hospital for an operation.  He needs someone to take him to the hospital.  He is expected to be in the hospital for 7 days.  His elderly wife Lucy is at home on her own. She is dependent on Tom for cooking, cleaning and other home duties.

Tom is going to the hospital for an operation.  He needs someone to take him to the hospital.  He is expected to be in the hospital for 7 days.  His elderly wife Lucy is at home on her own. She is dependent on Tom for cooking, cleaning and other home duties.

NOTE:  This happens early in January when most of the pastoral staff is on leave, and pastor Ann was happened to be in office this day.  Pastor Ann is a youth pastor and responding to these types of care is not her usual duty.

How PNC can assist ?

Before she went home that day, pastor Ann (using PNC) organized transport for Tom, 3 people to visit the hospital, 3 people to cook meals for Lucy, 2 ladies to do some cleaning and a few maintenances at home, 2 people to check up on Lucy. Pastor Ann also scheduled the tasks so everyone receives a reminder before they are due to deliver the pastoral care services. Pastor Ann is able to monitor if the task is scheduled, pending, complete or incomplete. At the end of the one week, Tom and Lucy are very pleased with the level of care they received.


Further Notes

When you have all your response teams in place, organizing a follow-up plan is very simple.
This task doesn’t have to be the job of one or two people. All your pastoral teams, staff, and assigned leaders can coordinate a follow up anytime from anywhere.

Scenario 3: Empowering Your People To Do More

Pastor Luke is a bit frustrated that after the annual dinner last year, 18 volunteers came forward with their skills and talents to be used for pastoral assistance and 12 months later, they haven’t been used effectively at church. He doesn’t know how to utilize them more effectively and consistently

Further Notes

Utilizing Care Providers Well

No better way to empower more people to do more is by having a good coordination tool to serve that purpose.  When your response teams are build and equipped ready for the tasks, everyone knows what to do, when, where and how.

How PNC can assist ?

Pastor Luke started putting all the volunteers into a Care Practical Respond Teams.

  • Cooking team
  • Transport team
  • Praying team
  • Child Minding team
  • Visitation team
  • Hospitality
  • IT support team
  • House maintenance / Gardening
  • Legal matters conversation
  • Business planning support
  • Immigration matters
  • Accountant help
  • Tutors etc.

Pastor Luke is able to utilize the volunteers better, using a better coordination system to organize, schedule, reminders, etc. to make sure that the volunteers are well informed.

Scenario 4: Reaching the Unreached

Motivation Church is a congregation of 200, located in the outer suburban area of Melbourne.  The church was started 5 years ago in this new development area, 160 km from the city.  Within 2 months, the church office has received 15 enquiries asking for Christian counselors, Christian marriage counselor, Christian Psychologist.  The senior pastor Matt only know of 1 clinical counselor within 2 km from the church.

Further Notes

Delivery of Pastoral Care Online

One of the disadvantages of living in the country town is having little access to services.  While serving their patient in the city, Christian counselors are able to deliver online services to people living a long distance away using a safe and secure platform.

How PNC can assist ?

Pastor Matt go to the Pastoral Net Care community and he found 2 other Christian Clinical Counselors in the area, 1 Christian Psychologist, no Christian Marriage Counsellor. Pastor Matt also found in the PNC Community lots of other Christian Service Providers so he ended up inviting 5 other Providers and have them available for his members to access.
He now has 8 Christian Health Professionals available online.
Mary & Peter booked an appointment with one of the Christian Marriage Counsellor from Melbourne. They travel to Melbourne for their first session, did the next 4 online from home using video consult, and the last session they travel to Melbourne.

Scenario 5: Roster ensures that the support is happening collaboratively

Olivia is at home with a permanent illness that she can’t drive to church anymore. She lives 30 minutes away from the church and to catch public transport is very challenging. Living around her is Petty, Annette, Jan, and Marie. All these ladies offer to help to bring Olivia to church and bring her home after church. Organizing the transport is a challenge because sometimes the person who is bringing Olivia to church will need to go somewhere else so she has to try and ask someone else to bring her home. The whole organization keeps failing, causing frustration to Olivia.

How PNC can assist ?

PNC set up all the volunteers as a team, seeking availability and setting up a bi-monthly roster. A reminder notification is sent to volunteers 48 hours prior to pick up on Sunday. Olivia also received a reminder an hour before pick up. Any changes to the roster, all the volunteers are notified including Olivia.



Further Notes

The roster is the tool that will ensure that the practical care is happening, in short term care and in long term care.  Quite often long term care plan end up discontinue because volunteers totally forgot their duty.  Roster notification helps both the volunteers and the person receiving care.

Scenario 6: Emergency Care Plan & Community Support

Mary is a non-Christian mum who comes to the Playgroup at church.  One day, she told the Playgroup leader that she is afraid of going home with her child, being fearful of her violence partner.  While waiting for the court hearing to request a formal restraining order, she is very afraid that he might come home and do something bad.


How PNC can assist ?

Liz, the Playgroup leader, goes to her app, look for community support organization, and she found “Safe Step” listed on PNC, an organization that provides emergency refuge for women in a domestic family violence situation.  Right there, Mary spoke to a support worker from Safe Step, did a thorough interview over the phone.  Immediately after, Mary and her child went straight to the place where she was instructed to go for safety.  Mary thanked Liz for her support.



Further Notes

Immediate assistance through using the app (Liz didn’t have to consult anyone, help was right there in her hand).


Scenario 7: Automated Program To Help New Comers Settling Into The Church with little effort

Michael & Tina and their 3 children just started attending the church.  They’re both introverts and doesn’t like to ask for help.  They really wanted to join a group but they don’t know where to start and how to enquire.  They also wanted to get involved but not sure of the process.  They also wanted to enquire about a Christian counselor but don’t know if the church has one.  They only just moved to the area from another state.

How PNC can assist ?

Within a month, the children have joined the kid’s church; Tina has started attending the women’s weekly meeting; Michael has joined the Saturday morning Men’s walking group;

Within 2 months, Tina has also joined the Morning Team roster, Michael has connected with 5 other men.

Within 3 months, Tina and Michael have been to see a counselor, they have made 24 enquiries, and both Michael and Tina have engaged in the online community.

They learned a lot and being able to make enquiries and joined groups and activities simply because they JOINED PNC and then they joined the “New Comer’s” 2 weeks program that helps them and directs them and guides them what to do, where to go.

At the end of 3 months, pastor Larry is able to track all of these records and history through the coordination portal.

Further Notes

Having a good follow up process can make a difference.  A care plan is created to ensure that (1) the follow-up plan is in place and not missed out; (2) the follow up is completed; (3) the plan is easily managed

Scenario 8: Building a Support Group

James has been diagnosed with bowel cancer.  He will be going through radiation therapy.  He is not coping well with the news


How PNC can assist ?

Pastor David sat down with James and discussed his situation and draw out some follow up planning for Jame’s approval.  Pastor David pulled together a support team to keep an eye on James; Doug (small group leader), John (someone to pray with); Frank (James closest friend); Tom (his nephew, next of kin), and pastor David himself (as the pastor).  Pastor David invited all the support team to join online.  Once the support team is set, communications occur:

  • Whenever someone makes a contact with James, they record simple notes about their communication in Jame’s file.
  • Frank took James out for lunch and James shared something very personal with Frank that he wanted to confess of. Frank record a simple note saying, “James wanted to share something with you pastor, can you please follow this up”.  Frank click ‘private’ so only he can see that note.  He also shared this note with pastor Pastor David.  David saw the note and made an appointment to catch up with James.
  • James couldn’t sleep, so he called John to pray for him.



Further Notes

A community of Care – Building a Support Group around a member who is in a critical health situation is important to any pastor’s role.  To ensure that James is well cared for, PNC has tools such as different communications strategy, a To-Dos, a roster, calendar, automated reminders, notes, etc.  As an assigned pastor who looks after that member, you can track the progress of the plan if it’s happening, continuing, effective, and completed, etc

Scenario 9: Automated Program, Helping a Person Transition from A to B

Paul, who has been struggling with health, particularly with his weight. He has done a season with Jenny Graig and lost 20 kgs, then he put it back. He also did lite and easy but the same result. He joined the gym but still can’t control his eating habit. He is not very happy with himself.

Paul attended a men’s breakfast and the speaker Roy spoke about the ‘power of others’ and “the power to control’, how important to have someone in your life to check on you and also exercise the power of control God created us with, but controlling with right choices. Paul also spoke about having something to constantly reminding us, and managing what we failed to control to avoid getting worse.


How PNC can assist ?

One day Paul saw this ‘growth program’ on PNC call “Managing Your Diet” so Paul decided to join and give this a go.  Every day, Paul received a message in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening, reminding him of what he should consider eating, regular exercises and some encouraging words that is not condemning and harsh on him.  Even though Paul is not losing much weight, he is not getting heavier, but more importantly, he is happier with himself now.



Further Notes

Program – A to B

To take Jenny Craig weight loss, for example, not everyone will stay on for long haul.  Not everyone persists with the plan, some lost a lot but then they give up and ended up back where they were before.

Creating a ‘managing your diet’ program, for example, may be the best option to help manage the situation to stop going from bad to worse.

Any program created, it means to be a begin of a process towards healing and recovery.

Scenario 10: Connecting Busy People For Community - ONLINE GROUP

Carl & Mary, Peter & Judy, Tom & Pam, James & Anita – all young families with young children.  They are all working and are very busy that they just don’t have time to join a small group that meets regularly for study and fellowship.  As a result, they kind of feel less connected not being a part of a small group.

How PNC can assist ?

Pastor Sam meet with these couples and enquiry about an online group where they can do group video fellowship face to face from their home. All the 4 couples agreed to the alternative and decided to start the group.  The group agreed to do the marriage course, “Cherish” by Gary Thomas.  Pastor Sam downloaded the 6 lessons on PNC, and the couples get to download each session, watch the video together before their meeting.  One hour before the meeting, everyone gets a reminder.  The group greet each other, share about their week, and then discuss the study using the questions in the study book.  After study, they spend time in prayer. All in one hour.



Further Notes

Video Conference

Online Group

Young families are struggling to connect simply because they have such a busy life including work, ministry, family, sports, etc. As a result, they stay disconnected apart from attending church on Sunday. The online group meeting is a solution to the challenges. They can still meet from their own home, so convenient.

Scenario 11: Health & Wellbeing Self Care

Justin enjoys his regular exercises like bike riding, walking, jogging and sometimes swimming.  He feels good whenever he finished his exercise and he tells his friends and family of how proud of him in what he does.  However, Justin had no record on what he has done and has no way of knowing how he is making progress.


How PNC can assist ?

Using his Fitbit, Justin is able to see all the results saved in his “my health and wellbeing” in his online account.  Through his mobile app, he is able to monitor his sleeping habit, weight, medication, steps, etc.  At the end of each month, he brings up a graph that shows how he’s been doing each month.



Further Notes

Monitoring progress

If there is a better way to measure how we are making progress in our journey from A (where we are now) to B (where we want to be), PNC making it easy for the member to track their progress through their mobile phone


Scenario 12: Reaching Out, Taking The Love Further

Bev moved to Sydney from the Northern Territory.  She moved due to violence and fear and longing to start a new life.  Back at home, her daughter Lisa also experiencing a similar problem with her partner.  She experienced anxiety and depression.  Bev is really worried about Lisa and the children.

How PNC can assist ?

Pastor Larry saw that Bev is not looking happy. She shared with him what’s happening. Pastor Larry connected with Lisa through an ongoing online video conferencing including Bev. Later, Lisa was also put onto Pastor Susan for some mentoring session, and some professional counseling with the Christian Counsellor Christine using Video Call from Sydney.
Lisa felt supported and her situation got improved and she made some wise decision as a result. Bev felt so supported by the church.

Further Notes

Distance pastoral care is essential to PNC.  Distance does not stop people from receiving pastoral care.  An awkward time of the night does not stop people from receiving pastoral care.  Poverty does not stop people from receiving pastoral care.  Having private and personal issues, fear of disclosure does not stop anyone from receiving pastoral care from trusted online providers.

Scenario 13: Quickest Way of Getting Help, From The Palm of Your Hand - The APP

Linda just started attending the church.  She heard that there is a Christian counselor working at church.  She is not comfortable asking about a counselor, even feel uncomfortable seeing someone at church for her private issues.  She saw power-point ads during the announcement about “finding Christian Counsellors online”.


How PNC can assist ?

Linda signs up to PNC and download the app. In her front portal, she selects “service providers” where she saw 10 other Christian providers online, 7 of them offering online counseling. Linda found this counselor, saw an availability and then booked an appointment to have an online session 2 days later. The next session, Linda went to meet with her counselor in her clinic 35 km away. The next 3 consecutive sessions were all online because Linda was very busy at work.

Further Notes

Easy & Convenient way of making enquiry

Seeking assistance without having to talk to anybody

Appointment Booking

Scenario 14: Easier Way To Gather Information - The Power of the Individual

Pastor Nick is frustration with the level of communication in the church.

  • He found 3 months later that Jim & Kay have left their small group and started joining another group
  • Laura’s group have relocated their meeting venue.
  • Within the 6 months before the next update of the church directory, 8 mobile numbers change, 4 new addresses, 6 emails change, 2 landline numbers change.
  • Others

How PNC can assist ?

On a weekly basis, a message is sent to all the members to update their profile.  Pastor Nick’s frustration is now being resolved.

  • When Jim & Kay left their group, they click “no longer attend” and their name is removed from that group.

From a monthly follow up to the connect group, Pastor Nick found out that Jim and

  • Kay has left their group. Pastor Nick follows up Jim & Kay and not long after, Jim & Kay joined another group with the help of Pastor Nick.



Further Notes


Getting information from your members can be a very difficult task to do.  The update messages sending to your members on a regular basis is the simplest way to remind people to update their profile, medical history, etc

Scenario 15: A Much Broader & Higher Level of Follow Up

The church has 450 regular attendants.  The Senior pastor is always a concern how they can be assured that at the end of the year, each person has at least one follow up.


How PNC can assist ?

The Senior pastor Bill decided to bring his 7 pastors together, discuss how the members can be distributed to each of the pastors.  The youth Pastor Michael added his 10 youth leaders and the 95 youths to his list.  Every quarterly pastoral meeting, Pastor Michael report how he’s going with his follow up. At the end of the year, pastor Michael is able to report how often he followed up his 10 leaders, how (email, text, video call, visitations) and the nature of each follow up.  He also summed up how each of the 95 youth had been followed up.  He also outlined several occasions where other pastors were involved in sharing notes about some of his leaders.  He also reported how many cases where he was dealing with parents and was able to share notes with other fellow pastors who look after those parents.  Through PNC pastor Michael is able to track history and filter activities and online engagements.



Further Notes

Casting The NET of Care

High Level Follow Up.

To ensure that no one is forgotten, this is one way to build a system with a process, easy to track pastoral follow up, increasing knowledge of your members and providing a network so wide enough to catch the need of your entire members.


Scenario 16: Seeking Help without Asking Anyone

Belinda is a young single mum with 2 young children.  She is going through isolation and feeling disconnected from being a home staying mum.  She often needs time off just to rest or do something without having to mind the children.  She just wished that someone could just come and take her out or do something together.  Her problem is she doesn’t like asking.


How PNC can assist ?

After signing up to PNC, Belinda sends an enquiry from her phone, asking for help.  Rachel, the care coordinator, received the enquiry, send the enquiry online and within 24 hours, Mary from church drop by and see Belinda at home.  A few months later, Belinda met Anna who also struggles the same thing.  Anna encouraged Belinda to sign up to PNC and make an enquiry through online.



Further Notes

Easy & Convenient way of making an enquiry

So many of our members are introverts, they simply don’t like asking.  The online enquiry is so convenient, giving the members easier access to pastoral care and other help with little effort.