Why PNC is uniquely different pastorally and is relevant culturally

Some of the key distinctive features are:
- Good shepherd knows his sheep by name and complete profiling enable that connection to become a lot more personal, pastoral and relational.

- Building a good care plan delivers effective pastoral care

- Distance is NO-BARRIER. Anyone can access and receive help and support online

- Extending the ministry of the church while caring for your people

- PNC is culturally relevant, pastorally appropriate, missionally driven and theologically based.

Building Care Community & Networking Care Providers

Learn about;
(1) populating your members online and offline
- different ways you can invite your members to join
- how your members can join
- member's portal and their purposes

(2) building your pastoral care service providers
- ways you can invite your service providers to join
- how you can approve providers application
- how you can set up your service providers, get them ready to start delivering
services and caring for your members
- learn about staff and professional portals and their unique purposes

High Level of Care, ensuring that every member is cared for and no one is forgotten

Learn about how to strategically build a follow-up system to ensure that no one is forgotten
- Using the 72, 12, and 3 follow-up model for a medium to large congregation
- A shepherd follow up model used for small to medium size congregation
- Utilizing your key pastoral staff to be more productive and effective in care
- Empowering your volunteers to be more effective in their service
- Using your mobile app more effectively

Staying in touch and engage with your members

Learn about;
(1) how you can stay in touch with your members
- different types of follow-ups
- using your mobile app more effectively
- safely recording your pastoral follow-ups while you on the road

(2) connect with your members using video consult
- professional portal
- general and clinical notes
- different types assessments
- referrals to pastors and other providers
- booking appointment

Building a strong network of support groups around the individuals

Learn about
(1) how to create a pastoral care team
- inviting a member to join a team
- different types of team
- communication preferences

(2) setting up a follow-up rosters
- different types of rosters
- setting up notifications
- setting up communication process

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Tools to ensure that that the follow-up is effective

Learn about
(1) Using To-Dos to coordinate a follow-up
- the status of your follow up (new, pending, cancel, assigning, completing)
- low, medium, high level of urgency
- set up time to schedule tasks to deliver
- enquiry, call, schedule, etc.
- adding documents as part of the information relevant to the need
- persons assigning the tasks
- teams assigned to the tasks
- all communication from individual, teams, providers, pastors, recipient of care
- tracking progress to ensure that the pastoral care delivery work successfully
- automated reminders and notification to teams & members receiving care

Complete Profiling increases your intellectual knowledge of your members

Learn about;
(1) how you can populate details
- who can access what and how to restrict access for privacy

(2) how your members can populate and update their details
- set up their profile and prefer notification

(3) how follow-up notes can be recorded, shared and kept private
- different types of notes
- recording public notes and who can see them
- recording private notes and who can see them
- how to share notes and why it's important

Holistic are is the care of the whole person

Lean about
(1) how your members can use ``My Health & Wellbeing`` to improve their health
- recording relevant medical history needed for pastoral care purpose
- setting up health and personal goals
- medication history
- measures

(2) how ``My Health & Wellbeing`` can help you as a pastor care for your member
- using the informaion provided in times of emergency
- easy access to the information when needed

(3) using ``My Health & Wellbeing`` in your app
- quality of sleep
- steps
- weight
- Medications
And more...
Learn how convenient using this to help manage your life progress and goals with little effort, easy and convenient.
Learn also about reading results on your app

Extra help to get a person from A (where they are at) to B (where they want to be).

Learn about
(1) how an automated program can help to assist growth and change
- creating new helpful automated program
- use existing programs and where to access them

(2) setting goals
- how to set up goals

(3) how to measure goals and progress
- regular reminders
- automated notification

Distance is NO BARRIER to delivering pastoral care

Learn about
(1) video consult and how it can make a difference
- how you can use video consult to deliver pastoral care to your members wherever they are, places that you can't really be there in person

(2) the depth and breadth of the scope of where pastoral care can reach people
- different types of communication tools

Connecting collaboratively with local groups and welfare agencies

Learn about
(1) how to invite local groups to your community
(2) how to engage with the local groups re receive and deliver services

Extending my calling, reaching out to touch and save more lives

Learn about
(1) how you can be effective serving as an online pastor while serving in your local ministry
(2) what you get when you become and online pastor
(3) being a part of the global network of online pastors

Turning my profession into a mission without leaving my workplace

Learn about
(1) what I get when I sign up as a PNC Provider
(2) how I can deliver online services through PNC
(3) how much it cost to deliver services through PNC
(4) how I can effectively use chat and video consult to deliver services

The Organisation that makes a difference when using PNC

Learn about
(1) the benefits when you join
(2) features that are unique only for an organization
(3) how PNC can brings service providers to your members
(4) how your organisation can help others receiving support while you care for your members