Pastoral Net Care is a Christian Organization that provides an online tool to assist in the coordination, communication, collaboration and delivery of care.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to see in a future a world being impacted and reached by God's Love

Our Mission

Our ultimate purpose and why we are spending our efforts on what we do now and set to achieve is Our Mission, that is, TO TAKE PASTORAL CARE TO WHERE PEOPLE ARE, SO NO ONE IS FORGOTTEN

Our Objectives

We have 3 main objectives, things we are focusing our energy on;
1. Building a Connect Community of Care Globally
2. Being Holistic in Care
3. To Be An Organisation That Helps

Our Strategy

To practically achieve and fulfill our objectives, we strive to:
1. Equip
2. Enable
3. Empower
4. Engage

Our Value

In all that we do, we value
1. Service
2. Excellence
3. Bravery
4. Love

We care for you our organization members, providing you with only top quality online tools that will empower and transform how you care for your organization staff, members and the entire community.

Here is what we offer:
1. Easy to use tool / User Friendly
- anyone over 50 can still use the tool

2. Cost effective product
- we can compare with similar tools, beat by 10%
- guarantee that the benefit will outweigh the cost

3. Tools that is culturally relevant
- As churches become more regional, people scattered, follow-up is challenging.
- Online community becomes more a meeting place where people connect

4. Professional ongoing support
- We provide technical support
- We provide pastoral support
- We provide financial support

We Take Pride In Our Reputation

PNC is a collaboration of some scholarly works, wisdom, discernment, support and contributions from these key people:
1. Rev Dr. Inoke Veamatahau (Pastoral Care Using Online Communication - Fuller Theological Seminary; founder of PNC)
2. Professor Dr. Frank Whittaker (Electronic Communities of Care – Measuring the Benefits - Main Program Developer; Nexus-care Solution; University of South Queensland; Victoria University)
3. Rev Dr. Frank Rees (Academic & Pastoral Mentoring)
4. Pastor Andrew Drummond (Consultant, Mentoring)
5. Rev Adam Hince (Senior Pastor - EBCC: Leadership, Support & Mentoring)
7. Dr. Ryan Bolger (Associate Professor of Church in Modern Culture - Fuller Theological Seminary)
8. Essendon Baptist Community Church (Development & Trials)

Success stories

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.
PNC is a fully packed practical tool that is user-friendly. If you are over the age of 50 and don't have much knowledge about computer, PNC is for you.
Joel Ellis Pastor - Network Community Church
With over 40 custom built elements, LeadEngine is perfect for building your dream landing page website without any coding whatsoever.
Vanessa Gibbs Marketing Manager

We are a Melbourne-based Organisation with a vision to expand our company based around the world in the next 5-7 years.

Meet the team

Get to know the people behind Intact. Our creative and technical team.

Raymond Turner

Cloud Manager

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Rev Dr Inoke Veamatahau

Founder & Director

Doctoral Thesis ``Pastoral Care Using Online Communication`` Fuller Theological Seminary 2015; 17 Years in Pastoral Ministry.

Adjunct Professor Dr Frank Whittaker

System Develop Manager

PhD titled “Electronic Communities of Care – Measuring the Benefits” (University of South Queensland 2008-2013)

MY STORY - Where it all begins!

Click the VIDEO to learn about how PNC was found and developed contextually, theologically and systematically.