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Welcome! We understand that this is a challenging time for all of us and we sincerely hope that PNC will be helpful to assist you in this season of challenge. At the bottom of this page, you will see detail about our COMPASSIONATE OFFER to you. Please take time to read it and if you have any question at all, please do let us know. We are here for you. It is the best that we can do to help you our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who are in ministry. Be encouraged and know that we are in this together!

Get Started

6 Steps to successfully implement PNC fully in your Organisation in less than 4 weeks. If we can help, it is possible to set it up and launch it in 2 weeks.

Sign Up & Start Setting Up

The first stage is to SIGN UP. Once you register as an organization, we will help you to set up your profile. Alternatively, just follow the avatar. Set up a review team: Get a good cross-section of people that covers the demography of your church.

Start Trialing Live

Week 2-3: The fourth stage is the exciting one, START TRIALING. Automated messages will be send regularly to all participants, checking if they have been active online, asking questions if they have join a program, connect with someone, made an enquiry, book an appointment etc.

Onsite & Online Training

1 week: The second stage is the most important one - TRAINING. We recommend 4 hours x 4 within the first week, training for admin, staff and professionals; 4 hours x 2 training for volunteer and selected members.

Review Stage

End of Week 3: The fifth stage is THE REVIEW. The team spend at least 2hrs x 2 to evaluate the reports from the participants. We recommend using our review questionnaire, as it has specific measures you can read from the back end of the system, in addition to the feedback from your participants.

Populating Live Data

2 days within the first week of training - The third stage is to start populating data by inviting all the people who have been part of the training to join and start going live. Administrator should follow up to make sure everyone sign up.

Official Launch

Week 4: The sixth & final stage is the OFFICIAL LAUNCH. We can help you to make a successful launching campaign to ensure your members are all on board with clear messages and communication.

Join as an Organisation/Church

What am I signing up for?

COVID – 19 Pandemic Compassion Offer

We understand that the impact of this pandemic could affect your financial situation. To avoid adding extra burden to you, we have decided to WAIVE the Subscription fees, and OFFER this VALUABLE free to churches and organizations that are struggling and are desperate for a tool.  We will, however, offer a huge discount to everyone else.  

In 6 months, we will review each situation and if you still need to extend this offer, we will be happy to consider that until your situation is stable.

We ask that we avoid talking money and focus our investment on our people.  This is a time for us to share resources, pray and encourage one another and MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

That is CHURCH, the Body of Christ. If PNC can help you love and care for your people and make a difference, we have achieved our mission.

What you can do when joining PNC?

  • Take pastoral care to where the people are using PNC’s chat, video and online services
  • Streamline your pastors work load using calendar and reminder services
  • Build online community for your members to interact using forum
  • Plan and host an online event and invite your members to join
  • Receive online enquiries and bookings via the PNC global network
  • Profile your members to personalise pastoral care services
  • Build support networks around an individual’s care needs
  • Stay in-touch regularly so no one is forgotten using automated reminders
  • Create daily / weekly / monthly rosters
  • Build customised online Health & Wellbeing programs to assist members in their spiritual and mental health
  • Refer individuals to professional care providers, where needed
  • Create interest groups and manage activities
  • Check-in so you know who is present and who is not
  • Receive gifts and donations online
  • Access PNC online resources and add your own e-store
  • Plan services and manage events (currently in development)

1 Thessalonians 5:11 (NIV)

11 Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.



Join as Church/Organisation